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Verification and stamping of weights and Measures is a statutory requirement as per sec 24 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Penality for use of un verified Weight or Measure is provided in rsection 33 of this Act.

Standardisation Of Weight Or Measure By Verification And Stamping

The foremost and fundamental responsibility of this Department is to safeguard the interest of consumers. To achieve this goal, the consumer should get exact quantity of goods for which they have paid in a transaction. That is possible only if the weights and measures used by traders are standard and meet the required accuracy. Keeping this goal in view, the Legal Metrology Act prescribes periodic verification and certification of weights and measures used in transaction and protection. The department ensures metrological accuracy of weights, measures, weighing instruments and measuring instruments by original verification and by re-verification at periodical intervals, ranging from one year to five years.

1. Weights

2. Length Measures

3. Capacity Measures

4. Weighing Instruments (Mechanical & Electronic)

5. Automatic Rail Weighbridges

6. Fuel Dispensers for motor vehicles

7. LPG Dispensers for motor vehicles

8. Taxi Meters

9. Vehicle Tanks

10. Storage Tanks

11. Flow Meters

Verification/Inspection Procedure:

  • Verification of application, supporting documents and other requirements
  • Site inspection and field verification by the designated officer
Standard Operating Procedure for Applicant
ProcessVerification of weight and measure
Mandatory supporting documents required1. Application through online (service will be lauched soon)

2. Fee payments as per schedule (click here to view the fee schedule)

3. Last Verification certificate or Original Invoice or bill of weight or measure

4. Physical production of weight or measure inteded to verify

Process descriptionStep 1: user login (online service will be launched soon)

Step2: Add or delete weight ot measure

Step3: Uploading necessary documents

Step4 : Paying fee online

Step 5: Accept Application

Step 6: Verification of documents and fee

Step 7: Allotting date for physical verification in the next month

Step 8: Physical verification and stamping

Step9: Generation of certificate

Step10 : Download certificate

Procedure for Fees paymentOnline
List of Reference DocumentsLegal Metrology Act 2009

Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011

Rules 27, Rules 32

Time line for completing the processWithin 30 working days
Checking of Application StatusThrough online
Key Contact Person from departmentInspector, Legal Metrology of Taluk concerned
SOP for Approver
ProcessVerification of weight or measure
Mandatory supporting documents required1. Last Verification certificate or Original Invoice

2.  Fee payment receipt (As per schedule)

3. Physical verification of weight or measure

List of Reference DocumentsLegal Metrology Act 2009

Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules 2012

Time line for completing the processSameday
Departmental Work FlowInspector, Legal Metrology of the Taluk concerned
Checklist of Documents
  • Online Applicati0n
  • Fee Receipt
  • Last verification Certificate