Regional Reference Standard Laboratory

National Physical Laboratory


CLLM is located at Legal Metrology Bhavan, Kakkanad, Ernakulam

Functions of Central laboratory are:
  • Custody of Secondary Standards in the State
  • Maintain Secondary Standards Laboratory
  • Verify and issue certificates of working standards of Legal Metrology offices and check measures used by Assistant Controllers
  • Be responsible for periodical verification and certification of Secondary Standards with Regional Reference Standards Laboratory or National Physical Laboratory
  • Conduct proper training on maintenance of Working Standards
  • Conduct frequent inspections in the working standard laboratories of Legal Metrology offices

CLLM proud to be the one and only NABL accredited Secondary Standards Laboratory in the entire country.
A Sphygmomanometer Verification Laboratory is also functions under CLLM.
Facilities to verify water meters, thermometers and high capacity Standard weights are being housed in CLLM.